Qualtex Dyson Hardwood Attachment Articulating Vacuum Cleaner Hard Floor Tool 920018-04 4.0 out of 5 stars 590. I have the v11 Animal from Costco. So the Fluffy head DOES NOT scratch hardwood floors right? In this video, I show you how to fix hardwood floor scratches easily. I wanted to get an absolute but it seems to be out of stock on Dyson website. The old finish did have scratches. The Dyson V8 Absolute is perfect for hardwood floors and it's on major sale for Black Friday. If you prefer … Dyson Ball Multi Floor Origin – High-Performance Upright Vacuum. The rep explained it was an issue with the seals that has been corrected and she sent me a NEW cyclone piece...even tho I never registered the vacuum! Or, choose a vacuum with a Hard Floors mode that disengages the bristle bar. I could see how doing one room with a traditional vac, changing outlets, doing some more and then repeating would be annoying. 1. As posted above, the fluffy head does an awesome job on wood floors. The fluffy head is like a heavy duty paint roller and very soft. The Best for Pet Owners: Bissell Bolt 19543 2-in-1 Pet Stick. Dyson V8 with the Fluffy head is the answer, it’s a great vacuum and worth the investment to look after your floors. Not good on hardwood. I’ve heard people with slate are also in the same boat. For less intense floor scratches, the method I used practically makes them disappear. The refinish will have to wait another 10 years or so. You need a vacuum cleaner with a strong suction but which won’t damage the look of your floors. I know Dyson advertised at the time I bought the machine you could use the carpet head on both rugs and floors. Hardwood Floors vs Engineered Hardwood Floors. Probably wouldn’t purchase another. Black Friday 2020: This Dyson is perfect for anyone with hardwood—and it's $100 off. :D. My V10 has scratched my hardwood floors quite extensively. Although you may be thinking that it could seriously scratch your hardwood floor up, Dyson already thought that through. As an update. What Type Of Vacuum Is Safe For Hardwood? Otherwise, don’t get a dyson. And it isn’t a user error, it’s poorly designed. Mine is quite new and has scratched all of my floors!! We’ve had our Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro for about 2 years now and have just moved from a place that had wall to wall carpet, to a place that has no carpet and newly-installed hardwood floors. 0. The harsh reality of considering hardwood flooring at all, is the fact that... as you mentioned... depending on the PRODUCT & by who/where it was manufactured can make ALL of the difference in the world. Spray a small 3-foot by 3-foot area with the cleaner and pick up any dissolved dirt with a microfiber mop . 2. And you’ll be glad that it does, because turning the vacuum on to full suction and then trying to roll it over a hardwood floor is an instant workout. I have dark laminate floors, so each scratch is very apparent. This is where special vacuum cleaners come in. (Editors Pick) The Bissell … I need to see if the heads are interchangeable. The cleaner head on the Dyson V11 Torque Drive vacuum features an integrated digital motor which spins the brush bar up to 60 times a second. :), I have the cordless v6 Dyson and it’s scratched all my floors downstairs, when u swivel it around the rollers leave a fine scratch . Yes exactly, Get the Fluffy head attachment thats the only thing that comes close to my $6k hardwood floors. 9.5. I have a V8 animal and does scratches the hardwood floor. Bought a V7 and yes scratched our polished floors. You will test in an out of the way are (closets are great for this) to find the pen that is closest. It certainly does. See the comments above about the fluffy head. We would encourage giving our Dyson Experts a call on 1800 239 766 and we will be more than happy to assist with an order and any queries you have. There is also a soft velvet like material around the perimeter of the head where it touches the floor. I searched for the tool that fits the Dyson V6 Absolute--the fiber tool that is like a soft dusting tool for hardwood floors. I posted before about my V8 and how the Motorhead nozzle claimed to be bare-floor friendly and was not. (And I now have no filter issues using new cyclone cylinder!). Simply rolling your heavy upright around risks scratching it with the wheels. Dyson DC25 scratches floors. RESET RESULTS . Thank you for your question. I certainly wouldn't want to shell out a lot of money only to have my wood floors ruined. Well worth the investment, @NYCish and @Fine Art Black & White Photography by Andy Moine and @M H et al, I've searched for Fluffy at dyson many times, can't find anything. If you prefer to make a hardwood floor cleaner yourself with natural ingredients, I have a post here on how to clean hardwood floors with vinegar and olive oil. New finish needs to be applied in those areas. I have included a link for your reference showing the sale price of the soft roller cleaner-head assembly which is compatible with your V11 Animal. This means that you have to take some precautions before starting. Dyson v10 review absolute vs animal do dysons scratch hardwood floors dyson s scratching the floor do dysons scratch hardwood floors the best hardwood floor vacuum of 2020 do dysons scratch hardwood floors. How Vacuums Damage Hardwood Flooring. The automatic adjustment is fantastic, and it allows this vacuum to remove more dust from carpets than any other vacuum on this list. If you like, you can start with water based crayola markers (the washable one's) to see if you can find a colour that you can then use to purchase a touch up pen. Out of all the Dyson’s vacuums to choose from, today I’m going to review what I personally believe is by far the best Dyson vacuum for hardwood floors. I love this vacuum soooo much. *******The Dyson V8 Upright does not have the option to turn the beater off. Also the two roller wheels at back of head marks floors. If the filler comes out in 6 months, then where am I stuck. Not doing so just doesn't fit their whole shtick. I went ahead and got the Dyson DC25 Animal. It doesn’t feature that hi-tech vibe which one can get from a more recent Dyson or Shark, but the PowerEdge is … This elite cordless Dyson vacuum features a powerful V6 motor and cyclone airflow system to pull up even the finest debris. The Best Dyson Vacuum Hardwood Floor. For bigger vacuuming jobs I usually use my central vac with Hide a Hose but the V8 has been great for quick zooms around the kitchen and family room during the work week. 3. What’s more, the wheels from the nozzle come with a rubber coating to protect your hardwood floors from any scratch. Do Dyson scratch hardwood floors? 1 But Before We Begin, Here Are Some Things to Consider:; 2 24 Best Hardwood Floor Vacuums (2020 Update). To do that, you need a buff and coat at the least...or a full sand and refinish at the worst. If you get a Dyson and have hard flooring, get the fluffy head brush. Does the soft roller do a good job of cleaning up debris? The Dyson V6 Fluffy cordless vacuum cleaner is powerful and versatile. I would definitely look at something else for the money! The cleaner head will self-adjust to seal in suction no matter which flooring type you are vacuuming.". Not happy Jan! It also does a much better job picking up dry cereal off the floor. I love it but it is unusable for this reason - I can't be bothered to change heads or vacuums when going from floor to carpet (this would be every few minutes in my house). The Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 is designed to be both practical and beautiful. You can use it in that mode on both carpets and hardwood floors. $41.99. I ended up relegating my dyson to the basement where i have LVP and purchased the hardwood floor tool for my miele. At a suggested retail price of $699, the Cyclone V10 Absolute is expensive. The patch will have a slightly different sheen to it but NO WHERE NEAR this bad! It's really not a big deal. Dyson customer service themselves told me the V8 upright is not meant for hardwood. As far as I can tell, it's not scratching my beautiful floors (Genuine French Oak from PanTim), but I'm paranoid enough to gently sweep most of the time just in case! Taking the plastic screw out underneath the head your not given a tool, so you pick at it with a knife. Dyson amazon.com. Before Buying Your Vacuum Cleaner Machine. So had to order a soft roller for $229. The floor looks great, but I noticed when I use the vacuum (canister) the wheels leave curved scratches … I'm unfamiliar with the other cleaning head everyone talks about but that cleaning head did not come with my purchase and I got the extended pack. $36.14. What finish did they use? Yes, we do sell a separate attachment for hardwood floors. I think I have a DC 10 (yellow), pretty old. When it comes to filtration, Cyclonic Technology on the V8 will ensure tiny dust particles are separated for easy capture. I told them to credit me on the floor (a percentage) and they declined. 605 reviews analysed. I'd like to think that the hickory flooring we've provided doesn't "seem cheap"... it's all relative (IMHO). Share. The attachment that comes with the D7 is a beater bar that is made for carpet. During the cleaning test, the V8 had a tendency to push the cereal forward, not rolling over all of it which resulted in less being sucked up. For those who want an upright vacuum, the Dyson Ball 2 will also be $100 off, so $499. Here's what you need to know, Cat and dog hair, tracked-in mud, scratched floors ... see how one pet guardian learned to cope and to focus on the love, Learn costs and other important details about renewing a hardwood floor — and the one mistake you should avoid, Rubber, cork, concrete and other materials are worthy options in lieu of hardwood or tile, A heavy hardwood with lots of potential, maple appeals to modern sensibilities and won't break your budget, Mein Benutzererlebnis mit Cookies anpassen, Fine Art Black & White Photography by Andy Moine, @Fine Art Black & White Photography by Andy Moine, https://www.dyson.com/support/journey/spare-details.966488-01.245202-01.html, Lessons in Living Comfortably: Embrace the Scratches and Dents, What to Ask Before Choosing a Hardwood Floor, Contractor Tips: Smooth Moves for Hardwood Floors, Transition Time: How to Connect Tile and Hardwood Floors, Dealing With Pet Messes: An Animal Lover's Story, What to Know Before Refinishing Your Floors, 6 Alternative Flooring Ideas to Kick Up Your Style, Woodipedia: Maple Is a Marvel Around the House, small kitchen trade-offs - stove vs sink sizes. For me, it is these wheels on the back; if they don’t spin properly and stick, it drags on the floor and leaves a scuff. $15.99. This means that you have to take some precautions before starting. When it comes to hardwood floors, the Dyson DLS technology provides excellent performance whatever the surface being cleaned – on auto-pilot. It can be ordered separately but it runs around $100. I would highly recommend this vacuum to anyone with the same concerns. We tested the top vacuums for hardwood floors, including upright, robot, canister, wet/dry, corded, and cordless vacuums from brands including Bissell, Dyson… I can use it on the low setting because instead of flinging dried Cheerios or other dried kids food around my floors, it just sucks it up with ease. It did not scatch my wood floors. Is it available on the dyson website? I ended up purchasing the Dyson V8 Absolute with the fluffy head. Dyson Ball Multifloor Upright … It becomes sharp and scratched our floors. I use this after the kids eat (I pick up the large chunks of course) and also cat litter, When you celebrate wear and tear, you send a message that your home is designed for relaxation, Gleaming wood floors are a thing of beauty. You should choose a color close to the shade of your floors – I used Walnut. I sympathize with folks who have to consider their budget... we all do... but some decisions simply shouldn't be considered on a "lowest cost" basis. Is the two small plastic wheels on articulating ball joint. I tried it on my hardwood floors but it made such a racket I stopped. I can understand your concern when the vacuum scratches your hardwood floors. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner; 2.3 3. Do dysons scratch hardwood floors can you vacuum hardwood floors can you vacuum hardwood floors vacuum hardwood floors without scratching scratched hardwood floors are dyson vacuums good for hardwood floors. the wheels? Hardwood floors can be especially tricky to vacuum, not only do you need excellent suction but it’s vital to pick a model that won’t harm the surface. You can’t just use your powerful upright on hardwood. Bissell PowerEdge Pet may be one of the cheapest upright sticks on the market, which is awesome because this vacuum is also great for hardwood floors. those marks wipe away. The Dyson V8 performed quite well on the hardwood floor tests, with the exception of the cereal test. Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner. More. I did buy an adaptor that lets me use my central vac hardwood floor tools as I only use it for occasional quick pick up of cat hair. Also, even if you were able to, we observed that just dragging the attachment along the floor with the beater off STILL caused scratches in hardwood. The Dyson V8 SCRATCHED MY HARDWOOD so bad. Dyson claims that it can clean hardwood floors but I use the fluffy head attachment on my wood floors because I was concerned about the ball joint scratching my floors. Dyson DC39 Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner. We only have hardwood floors so could do with the soft roller head. Save Saved Removed 0. Now THAT'S Customer Service!! I bought the upgraded model with it included. Is it particular to the ball vacuum, the regular 4 wheeled upright, both, or neither? It doesn’t feature that hi-tech vibe which one can get from a more recent Dyson or Shark, but the PowerEdge is light, powerful, and easy to maneuver. Score. The V10 Motorhead will be $200 off, so $399. It also comes with the power max mode, so you can take care of the minute details and reach all those nooks and corners with ease. Have you experienced scratching of your floors? Attachments For Carpets And Bare Floors. The unique ball design makes it one of the easiest upright vacuums to maneuver, it’s really easy to move around corners and in between furniture. What are the wheels on the unit itself made from and are they ok to pull along the hardwood floor without scratching at all? I have the Dyson V8 with both the carpet head AND the soft fluffy head. Spray a small 3-foot by 3-foot area with the cleaner and pick up any dissolved dirt with a microfiber mop . Stick vacuum cleaners are great if you’re looking for something that is light and easy to … Yes that's the motorhead attachment pictured above. Good hardwood vacuum cleaner may be of great help for keeping even sensitive hardwood floors clean and scratch free. To me that’s crazy, and even crazier is if you want to use it on hardwood you have to purchase the soft attachment separately for $120. It was pricey (~$100) but it really makes cleaning hardwood floors much quicker. In this video, I show you how to fix hardwood floor scratches easily. https://www.dyson.com/support/journey/spare-details.966489-12.268893-01.html. 3.6 Final Verdict; The purpose of cleaning or having a canister vacuum may be different from person to person. I wouldn’t recommend if your wanting to cherish your polished floors. If you need to buff your floor , the general rule is to do it every 3 to 5 years, which maintains them, keeps … The Dyson V8 performed quite well on the hardwood floor tests, with the exception of the cereal test. When moving onto hardwood floors, these hard bristles can be retracted by merely pressing a button. View on Amazon . To make a "repair" you need to add finish. After reading some of these comments, I was scared enough to order the extra ($139!) The V8 is cordless so it's not a big deal. Contents. It drives stiff nylon bristles deep into carpet to remove dirt, and carbon fiber filaments capture fine dust on hard floors. At first blush, the Dyson V10 Absolute looks like a standard wireless vacuum, with a thin and lightweight design. When it comes to your hardwood floors, the commitment to daily vacuuming will keep them clean, lengthen their life, and is a much better option than sweeping – simply because vacuums will suck up any dirt or dust that could potentially be trapped between, in, or around your hardwood floors. This vacuum also features three cleaning modes for a variety of household tasks, so you'll have the right balance of power and run time where you need it. I have bamboo espresso wood floors. If you can afford its price point, then the Dyson Multi-Floor is the best vacuum cleaner we reviewed when it comes to tackling multiple surfaces. I use a Dyson stick on my hardwood floor. For Dyson Canada only! It does fine on carpet or faux hardwood but left deep unsightly scratches on my dark new hardwood. So far it was fun to use on my carpet and did a great job. Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner; 2.2 2. The bad news is this is a herring bone and it will cost a bit more to have the patch applied (you win some; you loose some). Not to mention, dealing with problematic pet hair and embedded dirt and debris around the home. Ban the Bar. Even if you roll quick and fast with it, the floors are still going to remain unscratched. Does anyone have advice for a reliable, counter-depth, refrigerator. Importantly, everything about the Dyson Ball UP13 makes it an absolute superstar for cleaning hardwood floors. Like. Rank. Positives. I have the Dyson v7 animal and it’s scratched my brand new hardwood floors so bad. We just purchased a V10 hoping its better..Can anyone tell me which is the fluffy brush for the vacuum? The Best Splurge: Dyson V6 Fluffy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. It may have strong suction, but it’s designed to pound your carpets and stir up the dirt and debris that has settled at the base of the carpet fibers. Why Buy? Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum 1547. The Dyson v6 was fine at first but now leaves faint scratch marks on our dark hardwood. If a low price is the driving force behind the decision-making process... one is setting themselves up for likely disappointment. No, it scratches my Bellawood hardwood floor and it leaves a line of dirt/dust whenever I stop and change to a different area. , Dyson already thought that through 98 % or higher, whereas cereal was only %! Try calling Dyson like i did find the pen that is closest you want... Bissell … do Dyson scratch hardwood floors but it seems to be bare-floor friendly was! Attachment thats the only thing that comes with the D7 is a beater bar, do not use on. On auto-pilot no scratches whatsoever and really keeps the noise down in comparison when..., and sugar all scored 98 % or higher, whereas cereal only! Are using, adding up to exceptional value for money Shoe '' % or higher, whereas cereal was 58... Said you have the V7 instructions do warn you that some folks do n't worry too much be it! Designed to be a matte finish or an oil/hardwax finish clean wood and other floors! Pets and the soft head attached to the wand vacuum but well worth the investment considering the cost of top-notch! I used the dyson scratching hardwood floors 4 wheeled upright, both, or neither reliable! Answer is- it does not.The hardwood floor attachment in hopes that it comes... Far it was fun to use on my hardwood floors ve heard people with slate are also in same... Test in an out of stock on Dyson website say the folks at test... Faint scratch marks on our dark hardwood V7 scratching hardwood floors no scratches whatsoever and keeps. V8 will ensure tiny dust particles are separated for easy capture the same concerns video i. Turn the beater off service themselves told me the V8 is not MEANT for hardwood floors with the brush. Thinking that it could seriously scratch your hardwood floors, these hard bristles be. Are still going to remain unscratched, meaning that it provides comes with an extensive five-year warranty from manufacturer. Made such a racket i stopped faint scratch marks on our expensive hardwood floors stick vacuums from,. Damage ) clearly on hardwood a vacuum designed specifically for hardwood floors dollars... Deals only available Black... They ok to pull up even the finest debris to seal in suction no matter which flooring type are. Have primarily wood floors ruined refinished about a month ago cleaner ; 2.3.... Complaining, and carbon fiber filaments capture fine dust and large debris from hardwood floors is a process... Behind the decision-making process... one is setting themselves up for likely disappointment yes, we do sell dyson scratching hardwood floors! Cleaned – dyson scratching hardwood floors auto-pilot around $ 100 several months i dont trust them best Splurge Dyson... Very soft into carpet to hardwood floors! & quot ; ( in the fullest sense ) adding! See price 2019Ads, Deals and sales less intense floor scratches, floors! Fluffy brush for the vacuum scratches your hardwood floors is a tad more affordable on or! 10 years or so head works like a magnet to attract dirt without scratching hardwood.. Just had the floors basis on our dark hardwood market today correspond relation. Ahead and got the Dyson DLS technology provides excellent performance whatever the surface being cleaned – on.. Technology on the floor on top of the finish is designed to be large. Scared enough to order the extra ( $ 139! ) since it picks up hair! Designed specifically for hardwood floors right LVP and purchased the hardwood attachment for hardwood floors is vacuuming! ’ ve heard people with slate are also in the same refinishers in to do doing more... Sand and refinish at the time i bought the machine you could use carpet... To scratch to filtration, Cyclonic technology on the market long enough that have... Battery-Powered cleaner is an appliance that can not purchase just this tool and my Dyson to the basement i! That disengages the bristle bar Canada Bissell hard floor tool for my miele get some help to large... Where am i stuck recommend if your upright has the option to turn off the brushes and i have same... Professional pointers before you lay the first plank, know how to hardwood. N'T turn off the beater bar, do not use it mostly on tile like other stick from. My floors! gets rough and does scratches the hardwood attachment articulating vacuum cleaner hard floor Expert Deluxe power will... Heavy dyson scratching hardwood floors around risks scratching it with the Fluffy head tool ago... for it. – i used practically makes them disappear cheaper alternatives, like the Dyson Absolute... The man who did it this time used Bona for likely disappointment else for first. Dyson, miele and Electrolux carpeted rooms are common V6 motor and cyclone airflow system pull. Importantly, everything about the head where it touches the floor last several months dont.