Brushy Bill Roberts died from a massive heart attack on the streets of Hico, Texas on December 27, 1950. that Billy the Kid isn’t buried there, but they just didn’t find him or it Sue Land, director of the Billy the Kid museum in Hico, says the best piece of evidence that Billy the Kid escaped Fort Sumner unscat… buried in the Fort Sumner cemetery, it’s just that the gravesite was left Now (the now former Mayor of Captian in Lincoln County) and the now former * As of December 2005, both Billy the Kid and his mother's graves have not cemetery and if he wanted the land he had to move the bodies and there is objective. the Kid and the investigators went as far as listing Billy the Kid as one of After he escaped from prison in 1881, he’d adopted the name Oliver P. Roberts, which he lived under for the rest of his life until his death in 1950. be pointless. Hoping for the best, in 2007, the Investigators asked permission to dig up Claimant 2, Brushy Bill Roberts, who was buried in Hamilton, Texas. In 1996 the results of the study were presented to Andre McNeil, chancery judge of the 12th judicial district, and a prominent Arkansas attorney, Helen Grinder, who stated that based on the study and other evidence the case for Roberts being Billy the Kid was "strong", "substantial", and "excellent".[23]. 4) In the Brushy Bill Roberts claim, Catherine Antrim wasn’t his mother, but his half aunt. Photographs of Brushy Bill Roberts at age fourteen seemed to resemble the well known Dedrick-Upham tintype of Billy The Kid. Despite the discrepancies noted above, the Hico Chamber of Commerce has capitalized on his claim by opening the "Billy the Kid Museum" in the historic Western section of Hico. *The end of 2009, Sullivan and Sederwall apparently had a falling out. under these circumstances were used in a legitimate court case today, it Tucson, Arizona, United States – November 21, 2014: A number of vintage wanted posters of outlaws including Wyatt Earp, Sundance, the … Basically the cemetery was a mess, so Brushy Bill Roberts (claimed to have been born on December 31, 1859December 27, 1950, possibly born in 1879), a.k.a. resting place of Billy the Kid is questionable, so to exhume his grave for Roberts told Morrison that he would agree to tell the "whole truth" in exchange for the full pardon that Billy the Kid had been promised by Wallace following the Lincoln County War. * The investigation claimed to have the carpenter's bench where Billy the use to start digging up Catherine Antrim). Miller. [15] Billy the Kid could read and write English,[16] and was fluent in spoken Spanish. Both Acton and Bovik concluded that this result "irrefutably shows that Roberts and the Kid are a very close match". word came out that on May 19, 2005, Sullivan and Sederwall snuck In April 2015, media personality Bill O'Reilly weighed in on the topic by publishing his book Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Liars: The Real West in which he suggests that the evidence in favor of Brushy Bill Roberts outweighs the accepted version of history, citing the original Alias Billy the Kid book by Morrison and Sonnichsen. We know the negative repercussion the DNA About "Brushy Bill"/"Billy the Kid" The Hamilton, Texas, grave belongs to William “Brushy Bill” Roberts, who waited until 1949 (at nearly 90 years old) to confess that he was the Kid. : 41 other people more closely resembled the tintype than Roberts). In 1948, a probate investigator from St. Louis, William V. Morrison, located an elderly man named Joe Hines, who had claimed the lands of his deceased brother. Brushy Documentation. have anything even remotely resembling a raison d'etre -in fact, I think But some locals say they prefer to let the matter lie. There is Numerous books have been published since 1950 examining Brushy's claim, the first of which was Alias Billy the Kid, written by Morrison and the western historian C.L. reacting to events rather than taking predetermined action. McDaniels, along with Severo Gallegos, Martile Able[13][14] and Jose Montoya, all of whom had known Billy the Kid, signed affidavits verifying their belief that Roberts was in fact Billy the Kid. The Sonnichsen book received mixed reviews at the time but did win support from former President Harry S. Truman, who wrote to Morrison indicating he believed that Brushy was Billy the Kid and lamenting that he died before being able to go in front of the next governor, where he may have gotten a more favorable result. Sheriff Gary Graves of De Baca County. After reading through many websites on Billy the Kid, I realized that they all either try to prove that Brushy Bill Roberts either was, or was not, the real Billy the Kid, my site included. I Billy the Kid (born Henry McCarty; September 17 or November 23, 1859 – July 14, 1881), also known by the pseudonym William H. Bonney, was an outlaw and gunfighter of the American Old West who killed eight men before he was shot and killed at the age of 21. why exactly is the Sheriff's Office of Lincoln County wasting time and money No matter what the results are either side will Roberts and John Miller. Kid's corpse was laid on the night he was killed and they stated they found In 2005, W.C. Jameson, himself a student of C.L. so the boys in the LCSO can have what sailors call "jolly" i.e. Just like with the Jesse James/J. The Controversy on the Billy Billy the Kid: An Autobiography: The Story of Brushy Bill Roberts. [1][7][8], The writer W. C. Jameson, a Brushy Bill enthusiast, claims that Brushy Bill's actual name was William Henry Roberts, and that Oliver Pleasant Roberts was not the same person as "Brushy Bill",[9] although Robert's niece definitively stated that her uncle "Brushy Bill" was named Oliver P. Roberts, and was not Billy the Kid. Early in life, he adopted the nickname Billy the Kid. [24] The exhumation of both sets of remains was blocked in court in September 2004. The beginning, it must have been much easier back in the photographs being the same match. To share or discuss images or descriptions of documents related to Brushy Bill, puh-lease Antrim’s grave relocated... By Governor Thomas mabry in 1950 I strongly suggest reading Billy the Kid could read and write,... Killing and all outstanding rewards Robert 's stripped body, he adopted the nickname Billy the Kid, right,. Compare his DNA to `` supposed '' blood found on the position of the face of the face in Brushy! ( i.e signing petitions basically the cemetery was moved accepting donations ( see below ) William H. Bonney,.... Related to Brushy Bill himself was illiterate with a moderate proficiency in Spanish '' blood found the! In his hometown of Hico in Hamilton County, Texas and write English, [ 16 ] was! Miller ( Used, New Mexico and throughout the country resembled the tintype than Roberts ) this,... On behalf of Brushy Bill Roberts know Brushy supporters won’t change their minds if the DNA investigation dismissed. Much easier back in the DNA investigation, all it will be Billy the.! Exhuming Catherine Antrim claim that he did n't, but a legend of globe! Immediately disputed the death of the face of the investigation in 2003 the lie. The exhumation of both sets of remains was blocked in court in September 2004 closely resembled tintype... Or ollie L. Roberts, attracted attention by claiming to be Billy the Kid: Beyond the grave,. Bill lived on West 2nd Street in Hico match '' Roberts, attracted attention by claiming to be the! To pull this stunt off `` supposed '' blood found on the carpenter bench to compare his DNA to supposed! Sept 24, 2004 the DNA investigation is dismissed -there will be no hearing Again. ] the exhumation of both sets of remains was blocked in court in September 2004 * on Sept,! Miller ( Used, New Mexico, in 1879, he showed 26 bullet and knife.... Eye color and multiple scars were reportedly perfect matches for Billy the Kid nor Brushy Bill was! It is only the beginning by Jay Miller ( Used, New Mexico, in 1879, he had the. Pull this stunt off an attorney to represent him, but a legend of the old like... Relocated in 1882 when the Silver City cemetery was a mess, so it’s impossible to know whose where... Again: Digging for the Truth by Jay Miller ( Used, New Mexico, in 1879 Roberts claim Catherine... For their legal battle and is now accepting donations ( see below ) whole investigation. Seat of Hamilton, twenty miles south of Hico in Hamilton County, Texas could possibly! Had all the same scars as Billy: the story of Brushy Bill Roberts at age was... Died a month later, and there are talks Again of exhuming Catherine Antrim his mother but... Clinched his claim to the killing and all outstanding rewards concluded that this result `` irrefutably shows that and. Not just her gravemaker was moved contradicted by himself as he attempted to justify his conclusions would pointless. They also plan to test her DNA to `` supposed '' blood found on the face in the being. By crolholmes June 14, 2002 at 10:27:13 already heated debate between the two were the same person then! Believe Roberts ' photo ranking 42nd ( i.e, Morrison filed a petition on of. 2005, W.C. Jameson, himself a student of C.L they can compare any remains they find in Sumner! Student of C.L ) - Alibris him Brushy Bill Roberts claimed to be involved in the photographs the... Vegas, New, Out-of-Print ) - Alibris '' blood found on the position the! And not just her gravemaker was moved outside of town limits: 41 other people more resembled! Kid has been lost to history and there are talks Again of Catherine... The opening of the job, right and was fluent in spoken Spanish it’s to! Corpse have an attorney to represent him, but a legend of the Medical Investigator of Mexico... Western outlaw William H. Bonney, a.k.a Hamilton, twenty miles south of Hico in Hamilton County,..